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Fitness Club 3D
Fitness Club 3D

Fitness Club 3D

Fitness Club 3D is a casual game that allows you to manage your own fitness studio and help clients achieve their fitness goals. While I can't provide specific information about the game's mechanics and rules, I can offer a general guide based on the details you've provided. Keep in mind that the actual gameplay might vary, and it's recommended to refer to in-game tutorials and instructions for accurate guidance. Here's a general idea of how the game might be played


  1. Client Arrival: Clients will arrive at your fitness studio with various fitness aspirations and goals.

  2. Objective: Your main goal is to guide and assist your clients in achieving their desired fitness outcomes.

  3. Fitness Aspirations: Each client will have specific objectives, such as weight loss, muscle gain, or improved endurance.

  4. Workout Planning: Plan customized workout routines for each client based on their goals. Select appropriate exercises and routines to target their needs.

  5. Exercise Execution: Your clients will perform exercises in a workout area. You might need to tap or interact with clients to guide them through their workouts.

  6. Form Correction: Pay attention to clients' forms and movements. Correct their form if they're performing exercises incorrectly to ensure safety and effectiveness.

  7. Upgrade Studio: As you progress, earn money from satisfied clients. Use this income to upgrade your gym facilities, equipment, and amenities.

  8. Amenities: Introduce new features like a pool, steam room, or additional workout spaces to attract more clients and enhance their experience.

  9. Client Satisfaction: Keep clients happy by providing efficient training, meeting their goals, and offering a variety of exercises.

  10. Earning Income: The more clients you satisfy, the more income you'll earn. Use this income to expand your studio and provide better services.

Release Date and Platforms

  • iOS: Fitness Club 3D is expected to be released on iOS devices in April 2022.
  • Android: The Android version is set to be released in May 2023.
  • WebGL: The game will also be available on web browsers, with a release date in July 2023.


  • Web Browser: If playing on a web browser, you might use the left mouse button to drag and move characters, as well as interact with UI elements.

  • Mobile: On mobile devices, you'll likely use touch controls to navigate the game, interact with clients, and manage the fitness studio.

Remember that the details provided are based on the information you've given, and the actual game might have more intricate mechanics and rules. For accurate guidance, it's recommended to follow any in-game tutorials or instructions provided by the developer.



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