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Sandtrix is a puzzle game where the objective is to clear pixels by aligning blocks of the same continuous color horizontally from left to right. The blocks transform into sand as you place them on the playing field. The game offers three different modes, each with its own challenges and variations.


  1. Objective: Your main goal is to clear pixels from the playing field by creating horizontal lines of blocks of the same color.

  2. Block Transformation: When you place blocks on the playing field, they gradually transform into sand from bottom to top. This adds a unique twist to the traditional puzzle gameplay.

  3. Creating Lines: To clear pixels, you need to create horizontal lines of blocks that have the same continuous color. The line must extend from the left side of the playing field to the right side.

  4. Clearing Pixels: When you successfully create a horizontal line of matching color blocks, the entire line will clear, and the pixels will be removed from the playing field.

  5. Scoring: Clearing pixels earns you points. The more pixels you clear in a single move, the higher your score will be.

  6. Game Modes: Sandtrix offers three distinct game modes:

    • Relaxed Mode: This mode allows you to play at a slower pace, giving you more time to strategize your moves and clear pixels.
    • Classic Mode: In this mode, you'll follow traditional puzzle game mechanics, offering a balanced and engaging experience.
    • Time Attack Mode: Time is limited in this mode, and you need to clear pixels as quickly as possible within the given time frame.
  7. Controls: The controls for Sandtrix are user-friendly and easy to learn:

    • Press the Enter key or left mouse button to confirm or interact with in-game UI.
    • Press the "P" key to pause the game.
    • Use the "W" key or Up arrow key to rotate blocks.
    • Use the "AD" keys or left/right arrow keys to move blocks left or right.
    • Use the "S" key or down arrow key to drop blocks.
    • On mobile devices, tap to rotate the block and swipe left or right to move the blocks.
  8. Strategy and Replay Value: The game challenges your color recognition, spatial reasoning, and quick decision-making skills. Each game mode offers a different experience, encouraging you to try various strategies and improve your scores over time.

Sandtrix provides a unique and engaging puzzle-solving experience, where you'll need to carefully plan your moves to clear pixels and achieve high scores. With its intriguing block transformation mechanic and multiple game modes, it offers a variety of challenges that cater to different playstyles. Whether you're looking for a relaxed puzzle session or a fast-paced time attack, Sandtrix has something to offer for puzzle enthusiasts of all kinds.


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