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FNAF WEB: Surviving the Night - How to Earn Points and Progress

Welcome to the chilling world of FNAF WEB, where survival is paramount. In this guide, we'll walk you through the mechanics of earning points and progressing through the game, ensuring you're well-prepared to face the animatronic horrors that lurk in the shadows.

Earning Points:

  1. Survival Time:

    • The primary way to earn points is by surviving each night. The longer you last, the more points you accumulate.
    • Points may be awarded based on the number of hours survived, with increasing difficulty as the nights progress.
  2. Animatronic Encounters:

    • Successfully managing encounters with animatronics can earn you additional points.
    • Points may be rewarded for effectively monitoring and fending off animatronics without depleting essential resources.
  3. Resource Conservation:

    • Efficiently managing power for surveillance cameras, security doors, and lights can earn you points.
    • Conserving resources demonstrates strategic prowess and contributes to your overall point total.
  4. Completing Objectives:

    • Some nights may come with specific objectives or challenges. Successfully completing these tasks can yield bonus points.
    • Objectives may range from surviving a specific animatronic encounter to navigating the night under specific conditions.


  1. Night Advancement:

    • Progression in FNAF WEB occurs as you successfully survive each night.
    • Nights become progressively challenging, with new animatronics and increased difficulty levels.
  2. Storyline Progress:

    • Successfully completing nights contributes to the unfolding storyline.
    • Progressing through the storyline may reveal deeper mysteries and secrets about the haunted pizzeria.
  3. Unlocking Extras:

    • Accruing points and progressing through the game may unlock additional features, such as bonus levels, character skins, or hidden lore.
    • Explore these extras to enhance your gameplay experience and delve deeper into the world of FNAF WEB.
  4. Leaderboards:

    • Points earned contribute to your position on the leaderboards.
    • Compete with other players for high scores and demonstrate your mastery of surviving the night.

Remember, in FNAF WEB, every decision matters, and every night presents a new challenge. Strategize, conserve resources, and face the animatronic nightmares to earn points, progress through the nights, and uncover the haunting secrets that lie within the digital corridors of FNAF WEB.


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