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How to Play and Earn Points or Progress in Fruit Merge

Welcome to the juicy and strategic world of Fruit Merge! If you're ready to blend fruits, rack up points, and progress through exciting levels, you're in for a treat. In this guide, we'll take you through the gameplay mechanics of Fruit Merge and show you how to earn points and advance in this delightful and addictive game.

Gameplay Overview:

  1. Fruit Merging Basics:

    • Fruit Merge revolves around merging similar fruits to create new and more valuable ones. The more you merge, the higher your score!
  2. Tap and Merge:

    • To merge fruits, tap on a fruit tile, and then tap on another of the same type. Watch as they combine to form a tastier, more rewarding fruit.
  3. Strategic Planning:

    • Think ahead! Consider the available space on the board and plan your merges strategically to optimize points and clear the board efficiently.
  4. Special Tiles:

    • Some fruits may have special abilities or multipliers. Experiment with different combinations to discover these powerful tiles and enhance your gameplay.

Earning Points:

  1. Basic Merges:

    • Each basic merge earns you points based on the value of the resulting fruit. Larger and more valuable fruits yield higher scores.
  2. Combo Multipliers:

    • Create combos by merging multiple sets of fruits in quick succession. Combos trigger multipliers, boosting your points significantly.
  3. Special Abilities:

    • Certain merged fruits may have special abilities, such as clearing entire rows or columns. Utilize these strategically to maximize points and clear the board.
  4. Achieving Challenges:

    • Completing challenges within each level will earn you bonus points. These challenges may involve specific types of merges, achieving target scores, or other objectives.

Progressing in Fruit Merge:

  1. Level Completion:

    • Successfully reaching or surpassing the target score for each level allows you to progress to the next stage. Each level presents new challenges and fruit combinations.
  2. Unlocking New Environments:

    • As you advance through the game, you'll unlock new environments and backgrounds, adding a fresh visual appeal to your fruit-merging adventure.
  3. Collecting Stars:

    • Earn stars by achieving high scores and completing levels efficiently. Accumulate stars to unlock special rewards and access advanced stages.
  4. Social Progress:

    • Connect Fruit Merge to your social networks to compete with friends. Compare scores, share strategies, and enjoy a sense of community as you progress through the game.

Now that you know the ins and outs of earning points and progressing in Fruit Merge, it's time to sharpen your merging skills and embark on a fruity journey. Whether you're aiming for high scores, completing challenges, or unlocking new levels, Fruit Merge offers a satisfying and engaging experience for players of all levels. Get ready to blend, merge, and conquer the fruity challenges that await you!


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